TOSDay 2019 and new machine models WHT 130 and WVM 2600 now on the market


Contos and Edufix were present in Tšek when TOS VARNSDORF introduced its continually evolving production programme and released two new machines, the WHT 130 and the WVM 2600. The TOSDay event began in 2019 with handling of sales and result goals for the year, as well as going over events from 2018.New technologies that are under development were showcased at the event, such as frame and shaft temperature compensation, and new applications for the TOS Control interface. Among the features to be included in the ToS Control interface are an application for IP camera control and an application for machine measurement and compensation.The new documentation section contains a large variety of materials, including machine manuals for logging events such as maintenance and work shifts, and machine monitoring that displays the various states of the machine (setting times, machining times, etc).The job management and application stores images, for example of the settings and fasteners needed for a particular job, or drawings for a workpiece.

In the production facilities, Jukka Honkanen and Jaakko Lemmetty got acquainted with the specs of the new machines and the machines themselves.