Toshul’s vertical turret lathe to Valmet Valkeakoski

Toshulin Basicturn 1600 pre-reception at Toshulin

The pre-reception began at the Toshul factory on 16.5 on Tuesday morning. The functionality of the vertical turret lathe was investigated by testing the machine motions and all functions individually. Geometric accuracy was examined by performing all measurements in accordance with the measurement protocol of the respective machine type. Some of the measurements were repeated after the test machining, and no remarks on the geometry were observed. Customer’s own workpiece was used for the test machining, which involved both lathe tests and milling and drilling. The machining tests were passed successfully and the customer also made suggestions for improvements and repairs, for example on some of the machining work cycles. The customer’s wishes and requirements will be taken into account and completed by Toshul before the machine is dismantled for delivery.

Six of the customer’s operators with previous experience of the machine were involved in the reception, as the first Toshul vertical turret lathe of the same model was deployed at Valmet Valkeakoski in autumn 2018. Based on their experience, the operators were able to systematically test and look for potential problems and flaws in the machine and its control, which is really important in the pre-reception situation. Thus, any possible deficiencies detected can be rectified already at the factory, avoiding delays in the deployment of the machine itself in the customer’s production.

The pre-reception of the machine was approved and the factory was able to start dismantling and painting the machine. The installation of the lathe begins at Valkeakoski during week 20, and the final reception of the machine and the deployment consignment to the customer will be carried out before midsummer.

Valmet Technologies Oy

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Valmet Technologies representatives at Toshulin factory 15-18.4 Hulin, Tsekki


Model: Toshulin Basicturn 1600
Control: Fanuc 31i-MODEL B
Motions: X=2500mm Z=1360mm
Turret: load capacity 12000 kg, engine speed 2-315 rpm, diameter 1600 mm
Milling spindle: 4-3000 rpm
Tool case: 45 tool slots, 6 accessory slots