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Vertical Machining Centre ZPS MCV1680i


The ZPS MCV1680i vertical machining centre is a highly productive machine for the complex chip machining.

The work table, whose upper surface serves for the workpiece clamping, moves in the longitudinal direction (X-axis) along the guide ways on the cross saddle. The cross saddle moves along the guide ways on the base in the cross direction (Y-axis). The spindle head moves in the vertical direction (Z-axis) along the guide ways on the column. All ways are formed by linear guide ways with rolling elements. Their dimensions and locations allow high load of the table, saddle and spindle head while the high accuracy of dimensions and quality of workpieces are kept even at the interrupted cut. This constructional solution also ensures the machine long service life. The measurements of positions in the X, Y and Z axes are performed directly by the incremental linear measuring units. The machine is equipped with the electronic compensation of thermal dilatations. The machine functions are controlled by the CNC control system which also enables the machining of the spatially complicated shapes when the tool follows the path resulting from the 3D CAD program output.

Technical specifications


Clamping taper

ISO 40 (HSK80)
ISO 50
ISO 40
ISO 50
ISO 40
HSK-A 63

Maximum speed

10 000 rpm
8 000 rpm
12 000 rpm
8 000 rpm
15 000 rpm
18 000 rpm

Continuous output / overload S6-40%

22,5/31,5 kW
19,5/29,3 kW
19,5/29,3 kW
19,5/29,3 kW
25/31 kW
25/31 kW

Maximum torque / overload S6-40%

244/342 Nm
519/779 Nm
95/143 Nm
142/213 Nm
159/197 Nm
159/197 Nm

Transmission type

planetary gearbox*
belt drive*

Control system


*Optional equipment

TAJMAC-ZPS maintenance from Edufix

Edufix is the official maintenance representative for TAJMAC-ZPS machines in Finland. Regular and pre-emptive maintenance keep the production capacity up to speed and prolong the working life of the machines.

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