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Nicolas Correa planer-type milling machines

Nicolas Correa S.A is a Spanish family enterprise founded in 1947 and known all over the world as a manufacturer of modern planer-type milling machines. Their line includes planer-type milling machines with reciprocating columns and tables, as well as portal machines.

Correa machines are specially designed for demanding machining work and they can be customised to customer specifications both in terms of size and accessories. Correa is known for its investment in product development and research and that is why the machines meet customer needs very well.

Contos is Correa’s representative in Finland, and the Contos partner Edufix provides authorised maintenance and spare parts for Correa products.


Authorised Correa maintenance from Edufix

Edufix is the official maintenance representative for Nicolas Correa machine tools in Finland. Edufix has exclusive rights regarding spare parts and maintenance for this machinery.

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