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Vertical Machining Centre ZPS MCV1060i


The ZPS MCV1060i vertical machining centre covers the whole scale of technologies from the power up to the high-speed machining.

The machine is formed by two steady castings, which are the base, and the column fastened on it. All the movements of the machine are realized by means of the linear guide ways with rolling elements. Their dimensions and locations allow the high load of the table, saddle and spindle head while the high accuracy of dimensions and quality of workpieces are kept even at the interrupted cut. It also ensures the machine long service life. The wide application of the machine invites to the usage of the plentiful accessories.
Maximum load of table is 1350 kg.

Technical specifications


Clamping taper

ISO 40 (HSK80)
ISO 50
ISO 40
ISO 50
ISO 40
HSK-A 63

Maximum speed

10 000 rpm
8 000 rpm
12 000 rpm
8 000 rpm
15 000 rpm
18 000 rpm

Maximum output

20/28 kW
20/30 kW
17/25 kW
17/25 kW
25/31 kW
25/31 kW

Torque S1

244/342 Nm
306/458 Nm
96/141 Nm
143/210 Nm
159/197 Nm
159/197 Nm

Transmission type

planetary gearbox*
belt drive

Control system


*Optional equipment

TAJMAC-ZPS maintenance from Edufix

Edufix is the official maintenance representative for TAJMAC-ZPS machines in Finland. Regular and pre-emptive maintenance keep the production capacity up to speed and prolong the working life of the machines.

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